Founder, Bob Howe, began taking veterans on fishing excursions when he was 20 years old in 1976.  He would stop by the local VFW and offer rides and fishing tackle to the members. For many years, he would invite veterans on free fishing and hunting trips.  In 1998, he and his wife bought Pine Grove Lodge & Cabins in Pleasant Ridge, Maine. From that point on, he invited veterans and their families, among other heroes, to come stay for free and would provide free guide service as well. The program grew to include many volunteers and coordinated events which provides opportunities to hundreds of servicemembers each year. Pine Grove Programs is now a licensed 501c3 and 100% of the proceeds go to providing veteran events.
Pine Grove Programs is run from the heart, simply offering outdoor activities that sound like a fun time for anyone.  
Outdoor excursions have included hunting trips for turkey, black bear, whitetail deer, snowshoe hare, and coyote; fishing trips here in Maine as well as New York and Vermont; antler shed hunting, mushroom foraging, Maine Clam digging, gold prospecting, and much, much more!